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A Walking Tour - Sightseeing in Langen
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A Walking Tour of Langen’s Sights

Stadtkirche/Parish Church

The centre of the historic Old Langen is the Parish Church built between 1879 and 1883. On the occasion of its dedication the market town of Langen was granted its city charter on August 26th 1883 by Grand Duke Ludwig IV. Ludwig was married to Alice, the youngest daughter of Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

In 1959 the interior of the church was altered to suit the prevailing taste of the time, but since 1997 its nave has once again been a shining example of Neo-Gothic splendour.

Stumpfer Turm (Blunt Tower) – a contemporary witness in the city’s historical centre

Bachgasse with its Blunt Tower, built in around 1300 as a part of the city’s fortifications, the Sterzbach stream and the Weiherwiese (meadow with pond) are the most popular motifs for photographers in the old part of Langen. The stream once powered several mills. The city’s utilities company draws its drinking water from its source in the so-called mill valley. 

The Historic District between the Blunt and the Sharp Towers

Many lovingly restored half-timbered houses from the 18th and early 19th centuries decorate the heart of Langen’s historic district. A number of cosy restaurants invite guests to stay a while. 

Spitzer Turm (Sharp Tower) - the North-Eastern border of the city

Today the Sharp Tower, whose roof – in contrast to that of the Blunt Tower from the same era- has survived, still forms the north-eastern corner of the built up area of the city of Langen. The wheel at the top is a reminder that storks used to nest here. The playground at its foot, the so-called “Turngarten”, has been a meeting point for children and young people for many a decade.   

Vierröhrenbrunnen (The four-pipe fountain)

Drinking water from the Mühl valley spouted from the Vierröhrenbrunnen for the first time in the year 1553. Since the beginning of the 17th Century a stone lion has graced this fountain, which is located within sight of the Stadtkirche. During the annual Ebbelwoifest the fountain dispenses the favourite drink of all Langen’s citizens, both old and new- apple wine. 

Altes Rathaus/Old Town Hall - Fahrgasse

For many centuries, Fahrgasse was the only through road in Langen. Many guesthouses offered travellers accommodation and food. The building of the former guesthouse "zur Sonne", where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe also stayed, is today a part of the Scherer-property. The guesthouse "zum Stern" made way for the Neo-Classical building of the Old Town Hall in 1826. 

Half-timbered backdrop on Fahrgasse

Numerous buildings on Fahrgasse display their former half-timbered glory. The Three Star Restaurant is located here alongside a goldsmith’s atelier.

Wassergasse and Obergasse

The oldest houses in Langen are to be found on Obergasse, some of them dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Wassergasse is the continuation of Obergasse to the west. Every year on one Sunday in September it forms part of the Langen Market that leads almost all the way to the station.