Friendships without borders – Langen’s Twin Cities

For many decades now, Langen has been enjoying friendly relationships with cities beyond the boundaries of Germany and thus contributed to understanding between peoples and to a united Europe. 

Romorantin ( in France, located in the vicinity of the famous Loire castles, became Langen’s first twin city in 1968. 

Long Eaton ( in the English County of Derbyshire joined it in 1970 in the context of a ring partnership. Long Eaton had already twinned with Romorantin in 1963.

Tarsus ( in the South-East of Turkey entered into a partnership with Langen in 1991. At this time there were not many partnerships between German and Turkish cities.

Aranda de Duero ( in the heart of Spain has been Langen’s newest twin city since 2006 and is in the meantime also twinned with Romorantin.

A Friendship that is carried by dedicated citizens

Joint events such as the annual three city meeting between Romorantin, Long Eaton and Langen reveal show deep the friendship is rooted. Hundreds of friendships have already been forged during mutual visits. The city partnerships are of particular value for the exchange of students. Clubs play a major role in maintaining the partnerships – in particular the sponsorship circle for European partnerships in Langen, the Comité de Jumelage in Romorantin, the Twinning Association in Long Eaton and the German-Turkish Friendship Association and its counterpart in Tarsus.

The town halls of the four cities coordinate and maintain these partnerships and promote meetings and events. They help with applications for sponsorship money, student exchanges and the search for internships in the twin cities.


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