City parliament, city council and the committees

Four bodies determine the political decision-making process in Langen: the city parliament, city council and the committees and advisory councils. They prepare resolutions, give advice and make decisions.

The city council decides upon the affairs of the everyday administration, for example appointing members of staff or awarding contracts for construction projects. The Mayor presides over the city council. At his side he has one full-time and a number of honorary councillors. The meetings of the town council are not held in public. 

The city parliament takes the important decisions. In order to prepare these decisions, three expert committees meet: the Main and Financial Committee, the Committee for Social, Cultural and Sports Affairs as well as the Environment, Construction and Traffic Committee. In these smaller bodies the council’s proposals and applications from the political groups are discussed before the city parliament takes a final decision upon them. The meetings of the city parliament and the committees are held in public.