Museum Altes Rathaus/Old Town Hall

What did granddad and grandma use to buy in the corner shop? What does a typical “Ebbelwoi-Stubb” (Apple wine pub) look like from the inside? The past comes to life in the city’s history museum. The exhibition in the Old Town Hall illustrates developments in Langen from pre- and early history all the way through to the 20th Century. The building, formerly the mayor’s official residence, was built in Neo-Classical style in 1826/27. 

Langen in the Imperial Wilhelminian Period, during the Weimar Republic, under the National Socialists and in the years following 1945 are just some of the topics covered in the museum. One model shows the Langen of former times in all its glory. Other exhibits bring the everyday lives of the masons, stone breakers, plasterers and brick manufacturers of the 19th Century closer to us. The museum also presents works by the landscape artist Hermann Bahner, who died in Langen in 1938.

Glass Museum

Light and glass, images as shiny and ethereal as is only possible when this fragile material is used. In Langen’s collection of contemporary glass painting, on display in the New Civic Hall (, where it has been incorporated in the building’s transparent architecture, masterpieces of this genre excite admiration and astonishment. 

The main focus is on the oeuvre of the internationally renowned artist Johannes Schreiter, one of the most important contemporary glass painters, who lives in Langen. On display are, among others, the famous Heidelberger Biologiefenster (Biology Window), celebrated in the arts world as an icon of 20th Century German glass painting, or magnificent works by Brian Clarke, Lukas Derow and Klaus Zimmer.