Integration is a central task and obligation for Langen

A large number of people have come to live in Langen over the course of the past decades. Their integration into social life is a central task and obligation for the city. In its capacity as a democratically elected body representing the interests of the non-German population, Langen’s Foreign Residents’ Council promotes understanding and respect among the peoples and advises the political bodies of the city.

The Foreign Residents’ Council is committed to:

  • the political and social coexistence between Germans and foreigners on an equal rights basis,
  • tolerance and cultural and philosophical freedom,
  • intercultural work in children’s day care facilities and schools,
  • professional qualification and promotion,
  • a stronger integration of older people with a migratory background when working with senior citizens,
  • the promotion of friendship and cultural clubs,
  • the removal of restrictions in rights of residence and
  • standing up against prejudices, discrimination and violence